About Us


Bruce grew up at Little Pencoed Farm and has been farming here for over 40 years building up his mixed organic dairy herd. Over 300 acres, the farm is a mixture of woodland, grassland, salt marsh and moorland providing a wonderful pasture for the cows and sheep and a unique habitat for many wild animal species.

With his son Jacob’s lack of interest in milking cows and uncertainties facing traditional farming at present, Bruce and Nicola looked into farm diversification that would tie in with their organic nature and sustainable ethos. In 2016 the shepherds hut was created followed by the boathouse in 2017.

With Jacob fresh back from travels in Asia and Australia, and wanting to join the family business, he decided to make practical use of his skills learnt from graduating in Renewable Energy Engineering. Following almost in his mothers’ (Nicola) footsteps to create dragonfly woodland camping in 2019. They now like to share this space with people wanting to enjoy the outdoor experience at Dragonfly Camping.